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Name: Aman King  
Location: India  
Bio: I'm the webmaster of the Phantom Trail website.

Been a Phan since childhood, growing up on Diamond Comics digests of the Phantom and Mandrake. I created my first Phantom fansite in the year 2000, and received a lot of encouragement from fellow Phans.

Sy Barry is my favourite Phantom artist, and of course, Lee Falk my favourite writer. That said, I am beginning to enjoy the recent Phantom Sundays too. The artwork and colours are stunning!

Besides being a Phan, I'm employed full-time as a software developer for a global IT consultancy.

I'm hoping I can find enough personal time to dedicate to the Phantom. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife who doesn't mind my taking time out for my favourite hero. This website wouldn't have taken shape without her support.

Hoping to meet a lot of fellow Phans via this website.

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