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This website runs on Heroku, an online platform. Heroku is ending its free tier plan. From Nov end, I'll be charged a monthly cost to keep the website running. In an effort to fund this cost, I'm publishing my Phantom parody comic (digital): Phantom Phunnies TGIF

Click the above link to purchase a digital PDF copy. You can choose how much to pay. This is a one-off call for support. If enough Phans contribute generously, I could keep The Phantom Trail website alive. Important: Only contribute if you are committed to unconditional support as I cannot offer refunds for the comic (in the event that sufficient money isn't raised to cover website running costs).

Ever since its initial avatar (launched in July 2000), my fansite has been a labour of love. I've happily poured a lot of time and effort into it. As I grew older, my responsibilities grew too, such that I haven't been able to add new features or info but I've managed to keep the Comic Strips section running. Going by the Guestbook entries, even that minimal effort is valued by many Phans. Perhaps you've enjoyed my website for years or maybe you have only recently discovered it; either way, please consider supporting this website for all the Phans out there.

Also, please remember Comics Kingdom is still a great resource to visit directly. However, it does not have comic-book-style formatting nor direct links to past archive stories; The Phantom Trail fills these gaps as an alternative view.

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  • D221 - The College Kid
    4 May 2004 - 5 July 2004
    Writer: Tony DePaul
    Artist: Paul Ryan

Phantom Dailies

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