This website is about the Phantom.

The character was created by Lee Falk in the year 1936. As a costumed hero, the Phantom predates Batman and Superman. Starting off in a newspaper strip, the Phantom has appeared in comic books across the globe, in multiple television series, and in a big budget movie.

In addition to being dedicated to the Phantom in general, this website has a strong Indian perspective, featuring information about Indian comics, Indian links, etc. Even the information about the Phantom universe is mostly as depicted in Indian comics.

My motivations behind creating the website were simple:

  • I have been a huge Phantom fan since childhood!
  • I want to continue from where The 21st Phantom's Deep Woods website has left. That website was the first Indian fansite about the Phantom, and this website is its revamp.
  • I want to keep my programming skills up-to-date, and play with web technologies.

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