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This list was first curated in 1998, with a few subsequent additions.

25+ years later, not many links have survived on the internet. Only accessible links have been retained.

General Phantom links

The Deep Woods
The Deep Woods website, created by Bryan Shedden, was the first Phantom website I ever visited. I was impressed. It has comprehensive information about the Phantom, Lee Falk, and an extensive index of the Daily and Sunday newspaper strips.
The Phantom (Wikipedia article)
A well-maintained, up-to-date Wikipedia article about the Phantom. It has a lot of information covering the character's history, as well as publication information from across the globe.
An online encyclopedia dedicated to the Phantom, with articles created by Phantom enthusiasts from all over the world.
Chronicle Chamber
An excellent up-to-date resource about Phantom-related news and events, including announcements of new Phantom publications.
An exhaustive database of Phantom newspaper stories, both Daily and Sunday, including summaries of most.
Comics Trades
A Greek website with a great page on the Phantom, having information and cover pictures of many Phantom comics.

Indian links




Good Will Prevail
An article by R. Krithika for the children's magazine section of The Hindu, an Indian newspaper.
Return To Comics
A nostalgic article by Shalabh Mohan about the Phantom, Mandrake and old Indrajal comics of the lost golden era.
White Skin, Black Mask
A critical essay by Kai Friese about the Phantom.
The Ghost Stops Walking
A tribute to Lee Falk by Nakul Shenoy.
The Wonder Years
An article by Lindsay Periera trying to find out if the Internet can recreate a sense of déjà vu.
Mr Walker's Last Mile
An article by Vir Sanghvi about the Phantom and his fate after Lee Falk's death.
Indian Ham Radio
An Indian Ham Radio website page that shows the Phantom using the radio.
Political Commentary
A political commentary by Mahesh Nair that starts off with a mention of the Phantom.

Business Reports

Ashok Amritraj Venture Sets Aside $90M
An article, dated 16 March 2004, about Ashok Amritraj (a tennis star turned film producer) and his plans for a Phantom & Mandrake movie.

Betaal Pachisi

Betaal Pachisi Betaal Pachisi is a Phantom-inspired Indian TV serial, starring Shahbaz Khan, Tom Alter, Sonu Walia, and directed by Sunil Agnihotri. It was first aired in May, 1997 on the Doordarshan TV network of India. Each episode was half an hour long and in the Hindi language. The serial has long been discontinued. The picture on the side is a still image from the serial. Notice the similarity between the hero's costume and that of the Phantom, except for the red colour and the fact that Betaal (Sanskrit for “Phantom”) does not cover his face!

Betaal Pachisi, A Magical Fantasy
A webpage on UTV Network's official website.
Is It Phantom Of Just A Phantom
An article by Murli Sharma about Betaal Pachisi.
Fanning Out Fantasy
An article by Vandana Mujumdar who trys to reason why fantasy serials become popular. In her article, she gives details about the serial Betaal Pachisi and also mentions a producer's plans to make a serial based on Mandrake the Magician.

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