Mr Walker's Last Mile

About the game

This is an Interactive Fiction or Text Adventure game, developed by Arpita Mirani and Aman King, using the TADS system.

Think of it as a novel where you play the lead character, and you influence the story line! You play the 21st Phantom, and will interact with Diana, Hero, Devil, and many others, to save the day! With so much at stake, it will take as much brain as brawn... do you have it in you?


Windows Operating System

For any version of Windows OS, please download and run the common installer from here.

MacOS, Linux, or others

If you are using a non-Windows OS, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install QTads for your OS from here.
  2. Download and unzip the Phantom TADS game file from here.
  3. Open the above unzipped game file (.gam) using QTads.
  4. Enjoy!


Mr Walker's Last Mile (screenshot)