Old Jungle Sayings

A tradition in Phantom stories is for the narrator to quote Old Jungle Sayings. These sayings are in many ways responsible for the mystifying aura surrounding the Phantom.

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Below is a collection of many Old Jungle Sayings from Phantom stories:

  1. The Phantom is rough with rough-necks.
  2. When the Phantom is rough, he is very rough.
  3. The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears.
  4. Call the Phantom anywhere, and he will hear.
  5. Go into the jungle and call: the Phantom hears.
  6. The Phantom can be a dozen places at once.
  7. The Phantom moves as silently as a fog.
  8. The Phantom moves as silently as the jungle cat.
  9. The Phantom moves on cat's paws.
  10. Great cat is quick, the Phantom is quicker.
  11. The Phantom moves faster than a great cat, with the power of a charging bull elephant.
  12. The Phantom strikes like a thunderbolt but moves softer than a stalking great cat.
  13. When the Phantom strikes, lightning stands still.
  14. The Phantom moves faster than lightning flash.
  15. The Phantom moves faster than the eye can see.
  16. As for shooting, the Phantom can knock the flea off the ear of a warthog at 100 paces without hurting the beast.
  17. The Phantom has the strength of ten tigers.
  18. Phantom made of rock.
  19. When the jungle sleeps, the Phantom wakes.
  20. There are times when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of the town like an ordinary man.
  21. You never find the Phantom, he finds you.
  22. When the Phantom asks, you answer.
  23. No man can refuse the voice of the Phantom.
  24. The Phantom freezes your blood, makes cowards out of strong men.
  25. The voice of the Phantom turns blood into ice.
  26. The voice of the angry Phantom freezes a tiger's blood.
  27. When the Phantom is angry, tiger's blood chills.
  28. When the Phantom is angry, the lion trembles.
  29. When the Phantom is angry, the jungle shakes.
  30. When the Phantom is angry, his blows sound like thunder.
  31. The Phantom's fists dart like a bee, hit like a bull elephant.
  32. The Phantom's steel hands can break men like straws.
  33. When the Phantom scares them, they stay scared.
  34. Better to stare into the tiger's eyes than into the cold eyes of the angry Phantom.
  35. The Phantom's fury is like a volcanic explosion.
  36. Furious Phantom is a sight to behold.
  37. Pirates to Phantom, like red flag to bull.
  38. Only a fool crosses the Phantom.
  39. Never take aim at the Phantom.
  40. The Phantom has the wisdom of elephants.
  41. The Phantom is a man of few words but wiser than Solomon.
  42. Where the Phantom is, the law's long arm reaches even to the halls of princes.
  43. The Phantom will never refuse a challenge.
  44. The Phantom's life is a lonely one.
  45. In China it is said, man who looks on Phantom's naked face must surely die.
  46. He who sees the Phantom's face, dies a horrible death.
  47. Man saw Phantom's face, flesh fell out of the man's bones, all at once.
  48. Laughter can destroy the tyrant.
  49. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
  50. A whisper can go around the earth.
  51. Biggest tree makes most noise when it falls.
  52. He who comes to Keela Wee without love is buried there.
  53. Nothing likes to get hit on the nose.
  54. In Phantom country, it is said that a woman clad in jewels may walk without fear.
  55. The Phantom's great stallion, Hero, moves on the wings of the wind.