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Hi Phans. Whats the latest news.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Excellent Site
~ Ravindra Kelkar from India
<a href="https://szybkamasa.pl/">tabletki na nabranie masy</a>
~ ybeka from Polska
Webmaster here. For those trying to access Full View of comic strips, to proceed, please manually remove "http://www.nullrefer.com/?" prefix from any link that has it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will look at a proper fix when I can. Thanks for continuing to use this website.
~ Aman
I can no longer reach the Full View page and the comments that follow.
~ Chester
I am tired of your continuous attempts to kill the Phantom off and insinuate that his son Kit is waiting in the wings to take over. That story line is as overdone and uninteresting as the Lone Ranger, vigilante form of justice he represents. Hire some new writers!!
~ Jay
Reader of Phantom for almost75 yearsa
~ Cary Bond Sr
Love this comic!
~ Allison from Maine
never miss a day...
~ George M. Carpenter from United States
The Phantom is among a long list of favorite newspaper comics.I really miss having a decent comics section in the Sunday paper.
~ Bart Fong from United States
The Phantom is my favorite newspaper comic strip. I began reading the Sunday strip about year 1953, that being because the daily strip wasn't published in my newspaper. I don't know why The Phantom is so appealing to me. Maybe because of his lack of super power, the implied possibility of death in each adventure, the honor of multiple generations of men who keep the original pledge of the first Phantom (whose pledge could never be enforced by him), the ability of a legend--the man who cannot die--to sway imagination of the jungle folk, and the complicity of the Bandar who know that there is no Ghost Who Walks but maintains the legend because they perceive that good arises from it.
~ Robert L. Carroll from Vienna, Virginia USA
rain season receding rapidly in my area.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
44% rain of the seson recvd in 2nd month of monsoon. that is saving grace.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Is The 21st Phantom dead? Is it Kit or Heloise who takes over? Do they find out how he dies? Another story?
~ Walter Hutcherson from Wellford SC
at last we are having a semblence of rain since past three weeks.
~ Rajesh Seth
Is Moz right? Bet The Phantom has been wounded, maybe fatally.
~ Walter A Hutcherson from Wellford SC
Hi Good Afternoon
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi. Is there a difference between comic strip and comic books piblished.
~ Siddharth from India
Hi, four months now after covid and 14 days of icu, n am still reeling under its side effects.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi only 44% rain this monsoon in my area.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi, I had my vax jab yesterday.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Monsoon came in time here but fizzled out after 3 days.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
hi Phantom in war mode !
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Corona is yet to let its veil down.
~ Rajesh Seth from Indiar
Hi Corona is yet to let its veil down.
~ Rajesh Seth from Indiar
Hi Phantom needs some new outfit as per modern times. but his basics must remain the same.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Monsoon has finally arrived in my area.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Monsoon has finally arrived in my area.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi. After a long time. was involved with corona.
~ Rajesh Seth from india
Reading Sunday story, looking at the 3rd Phantom, makes me wish we could have stories showing the 1st thru the 20th. If for no other reason but see how they changed costumes and the way they approached problems over the centuries.
~ Walter A Hutcherson from Wellford SC
Enjoy reading the Phantom each day. A longtime favorite.
~ Casper Wepener from Gauteng South Africa
Amen to that. Part of the problem is people do not read like they use to. Also the Phantom, while a hero, is not like what the superhero movies are showing now. The last movie, while okay, did not stick to the real meaning of the Phantom. To me the real story is a family of heros who follow their ancestors for justice. Something not found a lot in our world today.
~ Walter A Hutcherson from Wellford SC
A good service for fans of the Phantom and for Mandrake. Thank you. I have always loved reading the Phantom newspaper strips since about 1950. Looking at the comments in the Guestbook, so many commenters are old (in years) like me. Where are the young readers? I hope that the 400-year saga doesn't end when the old fans die out.
~ Roofrabbit from Vienna, Virginia
Enjoy reading the Phantom each day. A longtime favorite.
~ Charles from Georgia, USA
A great surprise
~ Val from Wollongong Australia
Been reading “the Phantom” for over 60 years. Had times hard to find, but I find comic books to read all over world, but “the Phantom Trail” to be best source of very good Phantom comics.
~ Ed Hetherington from Ithaca, NY. USA
This Lucha Libre series has been one of the best story lines ever. Well Done! Very well done!
Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy must be turning in their graves. Am 76 years of age, and "The Phantom" has been my favorite all of these years. Was actually read to me before I could read. Story lines seem to be suffering.
~ Walter J. Trybulski from Chicopee, MA
Excellent!!! Been following the Phantom for 0ver 60 years!!!
~ Danny Clark from Paris, TN, USA
I have been a fan of the Phantom since I was a kid in the early 60s. It is great to be reading them still
~ Lee Thomas from Seattle, WA
I have been reading some Indrajal from the early 1960's.They are great,not only good stories of The Phantom, but other stories are not only good but very educational. I just want to keep on reading all of them. Hope I can find some more of them.
~ Walter A Hutcherson from United States
Growing up in the 50s and 60s I never knew there was a daily Phantom strip. None of the news outlets carried the daily; however, I was fortunate to find a few that did so on Sunday's and followed the Sunday strips for over two decades. It was only in the 90s that I discovered the daily strips on line, but finding a source [my regular is the Seattle PI now] was catch as catch can. I now walk the Phantom Trail as it has not failed me in the continuity of storyline for the months I have been tracking on it.
~ Roger R Bedford from Manchester, NJ, USA
I, so much, enjoy the stories of The Phantom. He has been my favorite "Super Hero" character since early childhood. I appreciate your efforts to keep the character alive. I read them every day
~ Michael Bard from Michigan
My father was a fan of The Phantom comic strip since he was a child and so I also became a fan. Sadly, when I moved from my home town the newspaper in my new hometown didn't carry the strip, so I went almost 15 years without The Phantom Comic strip in my life. When I discovered your website I was happy to see that there was a fan of The Phantom and that his website was devoted to the daily as well as Sunday versions. I will be an ardent fan of this site as long as it is available. Thanks again!
~ Demetri Cassimus from Dallas Texas
A Phan for 50 years
~ Andy from Oz
Thanks for access.
~ Joseph from NY USA
Been a fan since the late 50s and really appreciate the effort you are putting into this site. Thank you.
~ Ed from Florida’s
I have tried to read all the comic books in the US about The Phantom. Most are pretty good, others are great, and a few take a direction which I wish they did not. I love the 21st Phantom but it is time his son took his place. For a hero who is really mortal, with no restart of the time line, it is time for the legend to move on to the next step. Another thing, too many people in the outer world knows the truth about him. This should not be, only his family and the Bandar should know the truth. No others! We need the legend. Sure people are not stupid, they know in their mind that no one lives 400 hundred years, but we still believe in things we know cannot be true. But if over the centuries hundred if not thousands of people have seen The Phantom and passed these sightings down to their friends and relatives and he is seen looking the same 50 or 80 years later then they and others begin to believe.
~ Walter A Hutcherson from United States
Mr. King, I wont say that I enjoy the phontom for the past 60 some odd years. But I see that people Haven't notice that He's at least 101yrs old. I wonder where did he find the Fountain of Youth? The Kit in the Hemalaia should bve around 45 and there should be another Kit sent off to where he is. The Phantom now is the 21th and Kit is the 22 and there should be another to be the 23rd. So why have there been an Genaration miss. I wish I couls look that good even at my age. (73) Why did Lee before he died not have Kit be the 21 byfore now? Kit and his sister should be in there's 40's and not in there 20's. I hope you can shead a little light on the story. Plees do drop me a E-Mail and tell me what is going on. Bruce Brock in Gardendale,AL USA.
~ Bruce Brock from United States
I see and reading a lot of story from phantom but last 20 years I only see a movie bill Jane and katherine zeta John and some comic in the internet and a other movie when the 22 phantom die from cancer
~ Silvino Teixeira from United Kingdom
I see and reading a lot of story from phantom but last 20 years I only see a movie bill Jane and katherine zeta John and some comic in the internet and a other movie when the 22 phantom die from cancer
~ Silvino Teixeira from United Kingdom
The issue is now resolved. You may use the Phantom Trail again: http://www.phantomtrail.com/comic-strips
~ Aman King
A note from the webmaster: The Phantom Trail website is currently facing a technical issue and is not loading comic strips correctly. I will try to look into the problem soon, when I can find the time. Until then please enjoy the comics directly at https://www.comicskingdom.com/ Thanks for your continued support!
~ Aman King
Followed the Phantom for 50 years
~ Bill Ferguson from Australia
I like the phantom
~ Bill Ferguson from Australia
I am looking for a particular Sunday panel from the early 1990s, in which the Phantom is an arena and forced to fight man-eating lions or tigers. I was hoping to find it in the archive.
~ Scott from Los Angeles
I still love this story. I have been a fan for about 60yrs and wish I had a lot of the comic book from your coutry. I do't know if Lee Falk every notice but,when Stan Lee started the Silver Suffer he used the same body and fram as the Phamton. If you can get Disney then look and you'll find the Silver Suffer. It's a cartoon but just notice that the Body stail id that of the Phantom,Other then his body beening white it's look like the Phantom and his eyes also. The only thing diffrent is the color of the close. I know it will be a long time befour I hear from you. But please let me know what you thank.
~ Bruce Brock from United States
My local paper is now finished, and I miss the Phantom.
~ Andy Brelsford from Australia
I have been reading the Phantom since I was about 8 and I credit it in teaching me how to read. 65 years later I am still a Phantom devotee
~ Roger Mika from Australia
Our local paper has combined Sat. SUN. PAPER into one. This is like skipping a chapter in a book.
~ Jerry Blososky
I have been reading the Phantom since I was a kid loved it then love it now
~ Bill Richards from Adelaide sth Australia
If the daily is right we may be seeing the coming of the 22nd Phantom. Wonder how it will be handled, death or retirement?
~ Walter from Wellford SC
Hi. Back after one month absence due to family exigency.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
I enjoy these Phantom comics very much. Thank you for maintaining this site.
~ David Jeffcoat from Florida - USA
I am diehard fan of fantom since 1979
~ Sujoy saha from Kolkata
Hi. Good afternoon. Covid-19 is changing this world irreversibly. Lets hope people understand this.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi, I am an avid Phan and it is great to have a site like this to visit.
~ SD from Kolkata
Hi Good evening. Corona has spread its tentacles everywhere. It seems it is returning in Wuhan. Desperate times.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
hi, Good Afternoon.The lock down has been extended to 1st week of May. Hope it works for all. Stay Safe, Follow distancing.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Good evening. Its an auspicious day today. The sun enters Aries, its summer festival for farmers. We call it Vaishakhi. Corona nightmare is hotly upon the humanity.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Good Afternoon
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Good Morning. The world is still under lock down due to corona pendemic. Singapore to go under strict lockdown from 7th. China seems to be under control,Italy Spain and America in bad shape.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Hi Good afternoon
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Loved the website! I have been a fan of The Phantom since I was 12 years old (I an now 62) I do have one question about The 21st Phantom-Whatever happened to his pet Falcon Fraka?
~ Demetri Cassimus from Dallas TX
Good evening
~ Rajesh Seth from India
So the latest couple of series have just been The Phantom doing a Russell Crowe and punchin' 'round the World!
~ Sean from Australia
hi good evening.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
I have a collection of Phantom comics going back to the late 40s and into the early 60. Are they worth anything. I also have the full years issue of the cat women, the only year it was publishedl
~ donald flanagan from sevierville, tn
I've been reading the phantom comics since about 1940
~ donald flanagan from sevierville, tn
awesome comics!! love the website
~ matthew from caribbean
How do I join? I’ve been a fan of the Phantom since I was very young, and I’m 70 now.
~ Phil Anderson from Arlington, Virginia. USA
hi, Thanks for doing this. how do I become a member? ie aceess the comic strips?
~ S.Sardus from usa
I have ben a Fan for over the past 60yrs and still do. I notice that you made a big boo boo. ot the 15th you show the guy getting arrows in the arm and through his shart and on the 17th you show that the arrows are just going through his arms and not his shart. How did that Happen? But it's still a good story. Keep it comming. Also why is it that we can't get the Comic Book over in the USA. The only way is through the Daley and Sunday Paper? When are you going to do Davil's story? Now Davil has to be atleast 100 now and also Hero? I've seen where Davil is pick up in the snow. But I haven't seen the rest of it. I wish we could get the comic books here. Thank you .
~ Bruce Brock from Gardendale,AL USA
Hi Goood Afternoon. This is the last Sunday of 20019, today. And the last Teen year of the century and our life. Enjoy.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
I have been a fan of The Phantom comic strip since my early teens (I am now 61 years old) I even named my pet Cockateel "Fraka"
~ George Cassimus from Dallas Texas
Been a Phantom fan since I was 7
~ John from Australia
For my money, the Phantom is the best daily comic around. Best written, best drawn--very cinematic and nicely composed panels--and it's even socially meaningful.
~ John shirley from Vancouver Washington
Comics Kingdom have fixed the issues, including full Phantom archives access for Comics Kingdom subscribers.
~ Aman King
Phantom Trail webmaster here. There seems to be an issue with Comics Kingdom for Phantom comic strips. They are looking into it.
~ Aman King
Aman King - such a pleasant surprise to see the comics back. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
~ Diane B from USA
For those with active Comics Kingdom subscriptions, it appears that full archives have been affected by the recent changes. I will take a look at this issue later (which affects only Comics Kingdom archives, not the recent comics).
~ Aman King
Phantom Trail webmaster here. I was able to fix the technical issue: the comic strips should be available again. Enjoy! Thanks to those who informed me about the issue and also left kind encouraging words on the Guestbook - my vacation is going well (I appreciate my family allowing me a quick break from my vacation break, to fix the website!).
~ Aman King
i like the site but at the moment the strips are not appearing just blank screens
~ peter from melbourne
Aman King - thank you for your note. I'm glad that this site is continuing. I wish you a great vacation.
~ Diane B from USA
Dear Phantom webmaster, Many thanks for all you do to keep the Phantom site up and running. As you can see from the other posts, the Phantom is a popular comic strip. I have been following it for years, not missing an episode. Enjoy your vacation, and please hurry back. We need you!
~ T Young from USA
I'm the Phantom Trail webmaster. The site is currently experiencing technical issues. I'm on vacation with limited access to internet but will try to have a look when I can. Please check back once a week. Until then, please view the comics at https://www.comicskingdom.com/phantom Thanks for continuing to visit this site!
~ Aman King
I have been using The Phantom Trail to follow the Phantom and Mandrake all around for .. i don't remember how many years, but for the last few days the comics are not showing up?
~ Harkant Singh from India
Can we get an update on the site? Thanks!
~ John from Texas, USA
Comic strips are not opening up
~ Peter Smith from Australia
I've have injoyed the Phantom for years. But whu are you starting this stuff. I've been a fan for over 50yrs and This is the only place for me to see him, News Papers today are getting raer to see him in the paper. Now I'v got to miss him.
~ Bruce Brock from Gardendale,AL USA
Not seeing any comics on the site anymore, how will I know what happened?
~ Jan from Qld Australia
~ Ramji from Palo Alto
The daily and Sunday strips are showing up as blank as of Oct. 24. Has something changed?
~ Ronald McConnell from New Jersey, USA
Love it ... but the graphics have stopped coming through ... just a little box.
~ Bob from Australia
Been following the phantom for years great stories
~ Jim from Alabama
I love the phantom daily comics, I want to see it every day
~ Rolly lamson
I like the Phantom, Keep up the good work. Thanks.
~ William from Bristol, CT USA
Enjoy the Phantom.
~ Dan
good strip, thanks...
~ Art Storey
I checked in to read today's comic to find that all this week's comics have vanished. (25 October 2019). Changed browsers, moved to my desktop. Same issue. What's up?
~ Joanna Mendelssohn from Sydney, Australia
I was wondering why the comics were not available at the same time now, then realised we had started Daylight Saving Time here in Australia (Victoria). :p
~ Sean from Melbourne, Australia
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Phantom fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper over 60 years ago
~ Zed from Central Vic Australia
I enjoy both the Phantom and Mandrake on CK. But I must say the "Prince Valiant" is my all time favorite for over 60 years. My Mother read PV to me every Sunday from the late lamented Philadelphia Bulletin.
~ Clement Taylor from Doylestown, PA USA
When are you people going to get back to the actual story? Or are you on holiday or gone bezerk?
~ Julie from Kingston Jamaica
I've been using this site to view my favorite comic book hero for over 10 years, but recently you've changed it so you can only view one week at a time. I've signed up but again I can only view one week, none of the archived comics. And the graphics changed too...if you compare "Gravelines Prison storyline with Diana Palmer being imprisoned with todays' storyline you can tell how different the graphics are. But I will still keep coming to get my fix! Love the Phantom!
~ Teriann Petti from Massachesetts
I like phantom but it is hard to follow on Comics kingdom since I only get to a computer once in a while. Now I cannot log on here because I cannot see any comments at comics kingdom where I have a paid subscription so I guess I cannot look at comics here anymore. No comments are shown at comicskingdom so you might consider changing your criteria for entry. Goodbye
~ Tom Thermo
Like "The Phantom"
~ John l Fraser from Orange
I love coming here Nd reading the daily's. The Phantom has been one my favorite comic characters since I started reading him over 50 years ago.
~ Charles Marcinko from Valparaiso, Indiana USA
When is the phantom going to start wearing a uniform of state of art woven ballistic fabric like the suits the president wears instead of the current one which lets knives and bullets through. Pretty stupid to wear cotton or wool blend to a knife fight.
~ Graham Gunner from Newcastle NSW AUSTRALIA
I have been reading dailies and Sunday strips but now the site opens. Why ?
~ Krishna Manandhar from Kathmandu, Nepal
Hello, I have come online after three months but am unable to access. Have there been a change?
~ Rajesh Seth from India
Thanks. I was introduced to Phantom in a very funny way, in 1961,may be it was in Class 1 or 2. But seriously in 1966 or 1967 when in class 5, to ward off loneliness of bedrest, Hooked since then.
~ Rajesh Seth from India
love it.
~ charles gravrs from warrior,al.
I have been reading The Phantom since my childhood. It was fascinating and still i feel the same.
~ Dr K K Sarma from India
Been reading The Phantom since it was introduced in my local paper about 65 years ago. It started with birth of the 21st Phantom. As sad as it would make me I believe it is time for the legacy to continue. It is time to start getting ready for the 22nd Phantom. It is his history and I do not want the reboots all others are doing with their characters. You have been allowing Kit and Heloise to age so you must allow The Phantom also.
~ Walter Hutcherson
Love it
~ Walter Hutcherson from United States
I have a Facebook account and this won't let me log in. I also have a Comics Kingdom account for years. Can I get set up please?
~ Walt Busch from St Louis MO
I'm having the same trouble Trevor had below signing up for The Phantom Trail. It doesn't allow me to sign up with my Facebook account (the same error message that Trevor mentioned)and I can't find an alternative way to join. Is there a way to sign up on the site without involving a Facebook account? Thanks, Belstone.
~ Belstone
I read Phantom in the Miami News as a child. I discovered the strip on-line as an adult a picked up where I left off. Until yesterday, April 13, 2019, I enjoyed the daily respite from political commentary The Phantom provided.
~ Richard Massey
One of the first comic strips I viewed, even before I could read.. and that is over 60 years ago, and today I may have read my last. Comics are for dreams... Politics is the real life we escape from .. even if it's just a few moments! Shame on YOU!
~ Fred Johnson from home
I have read this comic for 50 years, now you bring Donald Trump into it . up your ass, I'M done. he is the best president we ever had .
~ terry fitch from home
why cant I join FB keeps telling me Login Failed: You can't use Facebook to log into this app or website because there's an issue with its implementation of Facebook Login.
~ Trevor Hallewell from Queensland Australia
Love the Phantom been reading the comics since I was very young I also read the strips in the newspapers like the current daily strips
~ Edward Pickering from Sydney Australia
For the past two years I have been reading the Phantom dailies and Sundays. I first discovered it around 1970, when I was a 6 year old kid learning to read. My sister urged me to read comics, they're easy reading and the pictures help to understand the story. I loved the Phantom immediately, especially the occasional re-telling "For those who came in late." So glad to see him still going strong. And I love how Heloise has stepped into her legacy!
~ ED from US
Wish there was Phantom in Canada but thats what the internet is for I guess.
~ John from Kitchener, Ontario Canada
I've been enjoying Phanthom for more years than I want to admit. It never gets old..thank you
~ Violet from Boston, Massachusetts
As one of those that have come in late. I just noticed something that peeved me for years about reading the last 7 strips on KFS in that. Here, you can read down without having to scroll down then up to read them in order there. It is so much more enjoyable not to have to do that. Thanks to whoever did that, My hat is off to them.
~ Allan from Philippines
Good seeing the Phantom's daughter "KICK THE ASS OF THE EVIL"
~ Bill Phelan from Sacramento, Ca.
I’ve been watching the Phantom for has long as I’ve lived and if you are changeing and preparing us for a woman Phantom. That’s the last time I will read the comic!
~ Ann
Good work,keep it up!
~ Asuke from Kenya
Pretty sure Aman is the 22nd Phantom
~ Blake Rogers
Great site! Missed 7/22 in Columbus Dispatch and this caught me up. Glad I Duck Ducked Phantom Comic and found this.
~ David Lee Martin from Pennsville , Ohio
Great site
~ Richard Tier
I have beed reading the Phantom since childhood. back then the comic strip was published in a polsh newspaper in Buffalo,New York.I was fortunate to meet my other hero The Lone Ranger/Clayton Moore.I still watch him on the Western channel.
~ Stan from Marietta,Georgia.
the phantom is the most macho superhero ever.My dad introduced me to the comics.phantom is the first and best superhero forever.Awesome site this is.
~ Noel from chennai
I just want to know if the Phantom every fought with The Black Panther or crossed path in Africa. Kemckenzie66@gmail.com
~ Elton from Boston, MA
The Phantom was my idol as a small child. What he represents today is still my ideals.
~ donald flanagan from Sevierville, Tn.
Love the Ghost Who Walks! Met him when aged 8 years and he has stayed with me ever since. Verily they say "You never find the Phantom, he finds you."
~ Adam
Great to see this strip again, as a kid from the Forties ,The Phantom , by Lee Fulk , was great , Memories Rush Back again of my Mom reading it to me.
~ Jack Trail
What gives with all of the negative comments? I think the Phantom strip is great. Let's not forget that it is a comic strip. I have fond memories of my childhood reading Phantom, Mandrake, Prince Valiant, Dick Tracy, Blonde, etc. In any event, keep up the good work. I really appreciate your efforts. Happy holidays and God bless.
~ Ralph W. Bleiler from eastern PA
I just wanted to thank you for this brilliant site because it's great to be able to see the strips organized into weeks and also entire continuities.
~ Jeremy
Super, great to see Phantom still going long may he stay!
~ Kris Taylor
Great website. Can always catch up if I miss a strip. Big tick!
~ Kris Taylor
I love the Phantom. Have done since I was about 10 years old. I still follow it in the daily newspapers.
~ Krissy from Australia
Great work. Love it. Thanks. -Anbumani
~ Anbumani from Bangalore
Thanks Babudan. 21st Phantom lives.
~ P.Sreekumara Varma
Good work.
~ chris from usa
Great work!
~ Shakti Pada Paul from India
Awesome work buddy... I had grown up with the Phantom, in the Bengali newspaper, Anandabazaar Patrika, since I when I cant remember! I seemed to have always known him. Even before I knew how to read and write, I saw Phantom on the newspaper strips, and when I started reading the Indrajal Comics in colour, I thought, Hey, I know Phantom for ever!U brought back Phantom to be after all these yrs. Its just like visiting an old friend, my hero. Its just like flippin thru the pages of the Indrajal comics.Keep up the gr8 work man.
~ Santanu Ghose from Calcutta, India
Great work!
~ C Govindan Kutty from Kottayampoil, India
Good to see things progressing positively, nice badges!
~ Benny
I have been a fan of PHANTOM and MANDRAKE since childhood. Was missing the Heroes for quiet some time. But thanks to You, I am now in contact with Phantom. I am Still missing Mandrake. Hope his daily comic strip starts soon. Well done
~ Sanjay Pathare from Kolhapur, Maharashtra State, India
Hello friend, u done a nice job ......... i like ur site very much ..... and later on i try to give u some info on Aronnadev ... take care, better & better
~ SAYEED from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Nice site. Brought back fond memories of those days when we would eagerly await the next issue of Indrajal. It seems, however, Mr Walker has put on some weight with time. He looks plump and seem to be making an effort in dealing with adversaries.
~ Shyamal Baran Roy from Kolkata, India
Nice site! Thanks for the links to Diamond comics.
~ Aaron Bias from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
Mandrake comics are not rendering in full. Please load the complete picture.
~ Eswaran
Mandrake strips are loading irregularly. Only partial gif visibile under Vista IE 7.
~ Eswaran from India
Camping at Riyadh, KSA like to participate in the discussion about The first legendary comics hero,Lee Falk's "The Phantom".
~ S.Rafeeq Ahmed from Trichy, India
I notice that about 20 of you Mandrake strips are not all there. most in april by one last week
~ dave m from USA
Deepwoods rock man. I follow daily comics of Phantom and mandrake from here
~ Sarath from India
Hi ;)
~ Anndorian from Romania
I liked the site.
~ dhyuman from india
The Phantom. YEAH!
~ Blake from Hamilton, On. Canada
me a great phan of the Ghost Who Walks.need all and never ending phacts and phictions about the man who can not die
~ shalendra bishwa from labasa , fiji
Great work! I have a collection of phantom comics which are out of print now. I used to get Indrajal comics during my school days when the annual subscription was Rs.26/- . I have preserved many of them , well bound.
~ sudeep menon from Kerala,India
Im a fan of phantom comics
~ srinivas from india
Thank you for this excellent page! Keep up good work! Eh.. I can't speak english very well, so i can't say more... But your site is Perfect!
~ Daevos from Oulu, Finland
Hi Aman..I was having a 'Ghost' introduction with you through other 'Phans'.I appreciate your efforts for developing up this site as the major attraction oy your site is Phantom/Mandrake Dailies in color.Keep it up Buddy
~ Comic Guy from India
Great Site brother, i saw ur name aman and link in the deepwoods.org sitethere are more indrajaal and phanthom stuff in blogspot.commore scans and stuff which revives our memories from late seventies and eighties.still miss the indrajaal era but glad eggmont is doing a good job with their phanthom stuff.do reply dear webmasterram
~ Ramnarayan Iyer from New Delhi, India
Frnd, 1stly i thnx u 4 bringing these phantom/mandrake on-line....But, the mandrake strips seems 2 b not uploaded 4 a long while (last on 12th apr.), the story paused at a very interesting point....so ,can u plse upload them/ And thnx once again.
~ sagnik from Kolkata, INDIA
Frnd, 1stly i thnx u 4 bringing these phantom/mandrake on-line....But, the mandrake strips seems 2 b not uploaded 4 a lomg while, the story paused at a very interesting point....so ,can u plse upload them/ And thnx once again. Bye,Sagnik
~ sagnik from Kolkata, INDIA
please add another link:http://comic-guy.blogspot.com
~ saurabh from india
the phantom is the best
~ -
Good site : looking for Phantom site to buy Phantom stuff
~ Ghost from Australia
As a kid I read most of the Phantom Comics. I am still a fan of The Ghost Who Walks.The Phantom never dies.
~ Anil Maskeri from Mumbai,India
thankx any groups?
~ suryamohan from india tamil nadu
this would be a nice place to vist but when you can't see anything because of the adversenent then why come back to it. I can't even see what I'm typing
~ marc from muskegon, mi USA
presently i'm in new york,still nostalgic about indrajal comics ,got good collection of indrajal comics treasured.i think like phantom i'll pass it on to next generation.beautiful website ,my full points to the brain bvehind it,i can see the liking behind it ,good work
~ dildeep from bhilai,chattisgarh,india
Great work!
~ Charles from Rockhampton Australia
Aman, Thank you for reviving the strip. I am getting my daily fix because of you. I hope you also do the magic to the mandrake strip. You are Da King of Deep woods....
~ phantom fan from anytown usa
Mandrake and Phantom were two favorite comics when I was a boy. Glad to see them again. Thanks, too, for finding a way to keep them current, especially Mandrake.
~ Arthur Fox from Middletown, Pa
Hi Aman,Live long and Prosper,Lex
~ Lex from Planet X
Keep it up!
~ NandaKumar from chennai @ India
Cool site. One of the few Phantom pages around!
~ Jeff Freeman from Stillwater, USA
Thanks for the informative site.
~ Charles from Rockhampton Australia
Good work.
~ -
Great Job Aman,really wonderful.Nice to know that there are other Phantom Fans out there.......I have been a great fan and have lots of Phantom Comics........I treasure them.... :-)You keep up the Good Work.
~ Sreekar Pal from Hyderabad,India
Awesome sight and awesome work done ... i too am a fellow phantom fan and had collected quiet a few books before i lost all of them .. i keep searching for any old issues as well and the link to view the comics online is awesome ... thanks a million
~ Flavian from Mumbai India
Keep it up!
~ Murlio from SanDiego,CA.USA
Hi, Very good site. I appreciated reading it. Thank you
~ John Doecke from Berri. South Australia
Excelent Site.I can get a daily dose of online Phantom.I thought the craze for Phantom, Mandrake died with Indrajal comics...... seems like old days are back.Keep the flame alive.Cheers
~ Karthik DT from Bangalore , India
I am glued to your website. Thanks a lot for creating this page.
~ Anna from London
I liked the site.
~ Indranil Bose from Assam India
Aman bhai...where are you yaar? I started the project in April, but havent heard from you. Please check outwww.thecomicproject.blogspot.com
~ TheComicProject from India
I love Phantom, It is the best comic I've read.I like it because it's enigmatic ,historical , & natural
~ Anoop from Kottayam India
Very nicely Made Site!! Authentic Data and loads of Info!!! I Like it!
~ Arvind Kumar from Delhi, India
Hello again Aman.I really enjoy your website, you have done a wonderful job. While I'm here, I want to tell you about another great website (it is not my own). As you have probably read on the Deepwoods phorum, this site contains lots of articles and some interviews. The name of this Norwegian site is: www.fantomet.com. I hope it's okay with a litte spam here:-)Anyway, I will be truly honored if a phan like you visited the site, which has an English menu. Perhaps you already have.Have a very nice day, and keep up your good workSteffenLast time we met, you called me Bill:-)
~ Steffen Hope from Norway
Very good job Aman.Just keep up the good work. I am gonna keep coming back.
~ Ajay from Kolkata
i like this site!i am a fan phantom!phantom... forever!...
~ ciro balzano from casoria (Napoli) Italy
hi Aman i like ur site ..keep working
~ Arindam De from Kolkata
Hi Aman - loved ur poems. Kep it up ull go far. Love ur Phantom site 2.
~ Derek from Chennai - India
Man this is great. thought I was the craziest Phan around but you take the cake. This musta taken u real long to compile. Love the chronicles. How didja get ur hands on them? When do we see more from the earlier Phantoms? I have a huge collection btw.... If you need any info mail me. All the best dude and keep up the good work
~ Derek from Chennai - India
Great site!! Its wonderful to see such a fan site for the Greatest Hero ever. Please keep up the good work. I can see coming back again and again.Thank You for the best Phantom site I've seen.
~ Fan from USA
Hej, Aman.Excellent page with a lot of interesting phantom-ia. I'll be back... and that's a promise, not a threat. :)Med vnlig hlsning/Lub
~ Lub from the phorum from Mohagen, Sverige
Hi Aman!A great Phantom site, with very much information!I enjoyed playing your Phantom game: Mr Walkers Last Mile!Keep up the good work!
~ Jon Ove Storhaug from Norway
Hi Aman!You did great site! Care for it!Fehmi
~ Fehmi Ardali from Munich/Germany
I liked this.thank you for putting a website in name of my grand dad.Here by i give the swastika mark for this website.this website is phantoms friend. The Phantom Ghost who walks Guardian of Eastern Dark
~ 23rd Phantom from Bangala,India
This site is excellent.Pls. make sure that this site is shown in the first page in the search engine when we search for Phantom.My hats off to all who could make this site.
~ Madhu from CHENNAI/INDIA
like reading about the phantom great web
~ paul nunziato from usa
Have been looking for the Indrajal Phantom comics for a long time. I had a lot, but lost them a few years ago. Planning to scan them all. Any idea where it will be available?
~ T.Venkatachalam from India
Syrus was going to buy my collection before his tragic death
~ Jane Duderstadt from San Antonio, Texas USA
i thought i was phantoms biggest fan, but u deserve the title. keep up the good work.
~ SYRUS from mumbai, india
Great Work. Keep it up.
~ Aliz from India
I'm so glad to know that there are other Indian kids who love Phantom as much as I do. Great site! Keep up the good work.
~ Sumithra from Chennai,India
Hi ! I'm plugging , above , my Spider-Man site , at Dlphi !
~ - from San Francisco , CA , USA !
Thanks for all the help with my many, many, many Phantom questions Aman! You are a good man!
~ David Sanders from Ambridge, USA
Great work!
~ ahhafan from Columbus Ohio Usa
great show! keep it up!
~ Nagarajan from Secundrabad, India
Saudades do Fantasma, no existe mais por aqui. S na web.
~ Claudio Viola from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
cool site
~ Oisin from queensland
Lovely site.. lots of stuff... Simply Great.. Now for my query... My dad subscribed to and collected Indrajal Comics from day 1. I first lay my hands on the huge stack when i was bout 6. sadly, he sold out the entire pile after i had been thru it once or so. Ever since, i have been tryin to collect the Indrajals, mainly Phantoms n Mandrakes, from wherever I can.. I NEED HELP AND ADVICE.. PLEASE..
~ jesal from Mumbai, India
You have created a very beautiful home page...a delight for the ears as well as the eyes. Your poetry, that I have read to date, is most interesting and clever. Good luck. (Do you remember Rejoys from WTB?R?...she gave me your link.
~ Judith from Florida, USA
Hi,I was just browsing through net & came across your site . It's great. Being an Indian Pahntom-phan, I thought you may beinterested in a pahntom/Batman art. It's on this link:http://blake.prohosting.com/yrumad/new.htmlJust check out the 11th May update. Bye for now & take care.-yusuf madhiya
~ Yrumad from chennai, INDIA
~ sudhendra from Rochester Hills, MI, USA
Great Job!! Can you post scanned comic books on your website? Can we talk to publishers for copyrights etc.?
~ Pranay from Logan, US
Aman , I have plugged your site , at the Yahoo! group , No Superheroes Allowed , which I co-host , when I wrote about Mandrake !
~ Walter L. from SF , CA , USA
I was/am an earnest fan of this Super Hero. No other Comic Hero can replace this character of Lee Falk. I would like to contact all the persons (fans/admirers) having the Old Numbers of Phantom Comics.
~ P.M.Balaji from Hyderabad & India
I love your homepage. Visit mine. You can read my articles, and my interactive novel, and look at my fantasy art.http://www.geocities.com/jefferywinklerI'm going to have children with a woman who signed your guestbook.
~ Jeffery Winkler from Hanford, California, USA
As a Phantom Phan and collector, I found the site very interesting and informative.
~ Tony Whitten from Townsville, Australia
Love the site and will visit more often.Have a nice day.Regards,Kit.
~ Kit Walker from Hammondville,NSW,Australia
I should add that I've been able to re-establish contact with Guran's site , at this point . Thank you !!!!!!!
~ W. L. Lilly from SF , US
This is a good site , and I've visited here before , but , I will admit that I am just wondering if something has happened to Guran ( Bryan Shedden )'s Deep Woods site ! I haven't been able to get to it for the last 3 or so days , now , today , ddepwoods.org connects me to some , completely non-Phantom-related , commercial site ! I'm just trying to find out , and , since I'm relativel not all that connected to Pahntom fandom - really , Bryan's site has been my main link - I'm trying any place that seems likely ! To repeat myself , don't take this as a put-down of your , fine , site , which I'll visit agin , and find interesting . Hey , are you nable to get the Spider-man daily now ? I myself have a Yahoo! group ( Not an independent site , do I have to apologize for that ? ) for the Spider-Man daily strip , " The Spider Syndicates " , http://yahoo.groups.com/group/thespidersyndicates . Thank you !
~ Walter Loyd Lilly from San Francisco , U. S. A.
Very interesting site - meticulously done.
~ Kerry from Miami, FL, USA
I like the phantom alot and found this interisting.
~ Sarah from perth
Hey, join my forum, it's neat! AND it's a Phantom forum!
~ Jon Harald Sby from Norway
Simply superb... a great deal of info on Phantom... i wanted to create a web site just like this... but now that i have seen this, i dont think i need to create another.... i m a web developer.. let me know if u need technical assistance of any kind.. i'll be pleased to offer any help i can... keep up the fabulous work.!!!!!
~ Ajit Dharmik from Nagpur, India
Great Phantom Website. I think the Phantom is the best comic book hero ever. Take Care.-Chris
~ Chris from USA
Nice site I like it I will visit regularly.Thank you.
~ Kit Walker from Hammondville,NSW,Australia.
great work on phantom.regards,Sagar
~ Sagar from Mumbai, India
niceeeeeeeeee. Will message you on yahoo. Bye
~ sanpreet minhas from calgary, canada
This is one of best websites of The Phantom
~ Anshuman Jakhmola from India
Very good. I love it. I always come here to read the online comics that you have placed on the web page.
~ Jermayn Parker from Geraldton Australia
HiCool website! I love Fantomen (The Phantom). Bye Erik
~ Erik Engberg from Skelleftea Sweden
Great site! I searched for some weeks to find online strips from Phantom and Mandrake (and Flash Gordon up to the 90s) and finally found your site which has at least a few years of Phantom and some Mandrake. Thanks for that! I've been a fan of the three mentioned strips since they ran in our local newspaper, when I was a child. Alas they dropped them in 1972, so I had a long hard time searching for new (and old adventures). I'm still looking for most of the old dailies (especially the 60s and 70s), but I'm more confident than ever, that I will eventually get to know all stories. Keep on the good work with your site, I will drop in at least 2 or 3 times a weeks.Cheers,Bernd
~ Bernd Timmermann from Oldenburg, Germany
I just like you to know that I have put ups om classic Lee Falk Phantom stories on my page. Take a look.Original language.
~ Ivan Pedersen from Norway
Hi! Good work.. Don't know how have you done your art work.. But its good.. Keep that up.. Do you have any knowledge of digital art.. Start it!! You can win !! All the best.... Anjan
~ Anjan Pathak from London
Thanks for all your hard work for putting up this wonderful sight.this takes me back to my childhood. Please don't let me grow up.I LOVE/WORSHIP THE PHANTOM (VAITAAL in Hindi). Well that's what Inderjal comics used to call Him, and I only know him by Vaitaal.Why don't you use the name vaitaal as well.Devil was called SHERA, Hero was called TOOFAAN and so on.Give it some thoght.ThankyouRana
~ Mohinderpal Singh Sarang from Leeds, Britain
Man, your website rocks! Especially the Chronicles!*The Phantom is Dead! Long live the Phantom!*
~ Mithun Jacob from Kuwait
Impressive! Please keep this site alive !
~ Jim
H-hey my old friend!!! How have ya been? I've often wondered how you were faring... Give me a call in cyberspace eh?
~ Matthew from Middle U.S.
EXCELLENT SITE -- and Happy Birthday, Phantom [2/16/02]!
~ SL
Great site you have here. Thanks a million for the daily comics strip section. i have been reading Phantom comics for some 18 years now. i have almost all the issues of indrajal comics from 1978 onwards. i have also most of the diamond and egmont comics featuring phantom and mandrake. if you need any information please contact. Siddharth
~ Siddharth Das from Bhubaneshwar, India
HiLooks like you have a great WEB about the Phantome here. A lot of interesting stuf. I like to dropp in from time to time.If any of you do read Norwegian, take a look at my page about "Fantomet".The pictures is international you know.Ivan
~ Ivan Pedersen from Norway
Great site I will be visiting your site a lot from now on.Regards,Kit.
~ Kit Walker from Hammondville,NSW,Australia
Hello! I'm also a big phantom fan! And I'm looking for a trainee-place. And thought it would be great to do a traine at the phantom paper in India! Don't you think? Do you have any ide where I should look to get information about the Phantom in India?? // Kind regards Tina
~ Tina C from Visby, sweden
hi,thank you so much for having a huge archive of phantom comic strips on your site. i have enjoyed reading them the past few days.i wish u had more back issues. phantom is one of my all time favourite comic and i was so glad to find them here. keep up this great work.thank us
~ srimathi from u.s
It's the greatest site,what I've never seen!!!It's more wonderful than words can tell.You're the greatest webmaster in the World!With lovely wishes DebbieP.S.I'm so sorry for my English.
~ Deborah Delton from Ufa-Russia
Hi,You have a great site. I view it daily for the comic strip. Is it possible that U actually have some phantom comics , if so Scan them and put on your web site on daily basis..say one page at a time..it would be fun..
~ John from Mumbai, India
need more phantom info.
~ Neil from india
cool, i am a big fan of all three comics
~ Thomas Thalakottur from United States of America
Great site about Phantom. Keep it up! Loads of info. I added it in my Favs. Yes, I was sorry not to see any references to Indrajaal Comics, the actual publisher and in my opinion the organisation behind this success of Phantom (Vetal...Chalta Phirta Pret) in India. Just for the information, Indrajaal Comics was part of Times of India or Indian Express (I am not too sure which one) publication.
~ Binay Kumar Pandey from Delhi - India
great site, enjoyed reading the "chronicles" phantom head peak was carved by michealangelo as suggested by previous guest. although mention is only made of this in a very few storiesand many more do state that it was a work of nature. I disagree with Vir's comment - the Phantom has not walked his last mile!best wishesDave
~ Dave from Perth Australia
Excellent collection. reminds me of the good ol times with Indrajal Comics. UR comic strip collection is great but I want to start from the begining and dont know what date to use. Tried a few and got Javascript errors. can U let me know the start and end date of UR collection?thanks and keep up the great work.rams
~ RAMS from USA
G'day Aman,Just dropped in for a look. Enjoyed your site and will visit often. Regards Jon
~ Jon Cookson from Rockhampton, Australia
Only one problem with the site, Aman, the information in "The Phantom's Country" about "Phantom Head Peak". It is not a work of nature but a gift from Emperor Joonakar I believe, designed by Michalangelo. Correct me if I'm wrong with any of those names but from memory, that is what is it. Great site otherwise!
~ miss tagama from Syd, Australia
Hi AmanThanks for browsing our site, and signed our guest book.Very soon you will find our site in english.Would you like to trade brazilian Fantasma comics, we have the news and old, and figures.In return you will send us some egmont India comics.
~ Dedy Edson from So Paulo/Brazil
Excellent Work done. Keep it up.
~ Mrs. Karuna Bhatia from Noida, India
Avid phantom fan.
~ vineeth abraham from New Delhi
A beautifully created site. Well done!! Keep it up!!
~ Sudeep Banerjee from Lucknow, INDIA
hi Aman,i felt like signing to tell you that it's definitely one of the cutest sites on the web that i have come across!really!Phantom is of course a part of my happiest childhood memories too...!! your sketches are adorable, keep it up:)(Why dont you try the tree- house too , though(and Luther should be fun to draw , right?:):):))best wishes!
~ leema from jorhat, india
Hi, dig your site, I was in Mangalore in 1974....I am looking for a head sketch of "The Ghost" for my 12 year old boys (Luke and Peter's) sailing boat...called "The Ghost Who walks". A friend of mine can reproduce it as a transfer to apply to the hull.Bye .....Mick
~ Michael Cowen from Adelaide, South Australia
Remember us???
~ Balachandran Nair from Toronto, Canada
Spoke to Aman, Looking for Phantom Phan,s from around the World, who would be interested in Exchanging Phantom Comics from there country for Australian ones, If interested, drop me a line. Merv Mc
~ Merv Mc Donald from Yarloop; Western Australia

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