Year 1990 onward, Diamond Comics produced full-colour Phantom comics in many Indian languages, like Hindi, Bengali, and Telegu, along with English. The exact number of Phantom comic issues published by Diamond Comics is unknown to me but it must be upward of one hundred. Regular publication stopped in 2000.

The printed comics usually did not mention the names of the writers and the artists who worked on the stories. Quite often they wouldn't even state the story title. However, we know that these comics were reprints of the newspaper strips by Lee Falk, mostly drawn by Sy Barry.

Get a peek into some issues.

The contact details of the publishers:

Diamond Comics (P) Ltd.
A-22, Gobind Villa
Sector - 63
Uttar Pradesh 201301
+91 120 4238008
+91 120 4238009

Some more information can be found at Bryan Shedden's website.


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