In June 2000, Egmont Imagination (India) began their first full-colour English Phantom comic book series. The issues contained Scandinavian Phantom stories (translated into English), usually followed by an original Mandrake story by Lee Falk. Regular publication stopped after issue #21 in April 2002. However, from time to time, Egmont India republished the same stories (sometimes with additions) either in a new format or with a new cover.

Around 2008, Egmont Imagination (India) came under the new name of Euro Books. It is a division of a larger group called EuroKids International Ltd. Euro Books continues to publish Phantom comics, typically as one-off sets of comic books, with two or more Phantom stories in one book.

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The contact details of the publishers:

Euro Books
Dani Corporate Park
158 Vidya Nagari Marg, Kalina
Santacruz (East)
Mumbai 400098

Some more information can be found at Bryan Shedden's website.


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