Old Man Mozz
Old Man Mozz

Old Man Mozz belongs to the same Bandar tribe that zealously protects the Phantom. His age is not known; however, he is believed to be many years old, often referred to as 'ancient Mozz'. Even at an old age his faculties work exceptionally well, and he is a very patient man.

Unlike the rest of the tribe, Mozz is not a warrior. In a jungle world without written history, he is a living library of all jungle tales and legends. He is believed to possess the knowledge of all past and current events of the jungle, even to the extent of knowing the journals of each and every Phantom!

Often when the Phantom is in doubt or there is simply no time for research, he would go for advice and information to Mozz. He is comparable to those mythical men who are full of wisdom and knowledge. Mozz is often quoted as saying 'I can neither make it short or long, I must tell how it was.' And this truly is the essence of this wonderful character.


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