Here is a collection of Lee Falk quotes. Collected from various sources, these give some insight into the mind of this talented man, who provided hours and hours of entertainment to multiple generations of people.

  • "I think the art of writing a comic strip is closer to the theatre and to film technique than any other writing I know."
  • "The Phantom is a marvelous role model because he wins against evil. Evil does not triumph against the Phantom... He hates dictatorship and is in favour of democracy. He is also opposed to any violation of human rights."
  • "The Phantom came out of my childhood interest in great myths and legends and my reading of books like Tarzan and Robin Hood. I also liked the mystique of the Greek and Roman myths... The Bandar pygmies who idolise the Phantom and guard him and his many secrets came from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Tales."
  • "People in India or Europe or South America all have their own myths and heroes and can identify with 'The Phantom' because it's so similar to those myths."
    Source: Comics Revue (May 1998)
  • Lee on his age: "Just plain old."
  • "Superman, Batman -- they all came afterward."
  • On Bangalla: "I wanted it to be partly India like that guy Kipling and The Jungle Book and all that. Basically, I wanted Rajas... I thought, 'Why not make up an Afro-Indian country with its own name?'"
  • On choosing the name 'Bangalla': "Well I wanted something really wild-sounding. You know, like the tiger (Royal 'Bengal' Tiger)."
  • On the Phantom's popularity in India: "It's a great feeling because you know, the Phantom is really set in India."
  • On what will happen to the Phantom after Lee's gone: "I hope that it will go on."
    Source: Ed Rhoades

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