The Phantom's Isle of Eden is his favourite hideout. It is one of the most unusual places in the world. Eden is separated from the rest of the jungle by a wide river filled with deadly Piranha, fish that can strip a cow's carcass to bones in minutes.

The Isle of Eden is a strange place where the Phantom raised all the animals to live together in peace. There are no hunters and there are no hunted -- the only place where one can see a tiger and an antelope asleep together. In fact, this is also the only place one can see extinct species of animals, also, creatures that haven't even been discovered yet. For example, the inhabitants of Eden include a stegosaurus called Stegy and a cave monster called Hzz. All peaceful but extremely strong creatures of the island. The carnivorous animals like the great cats eat fish from the river which are plentiful and enough to keep the flesh-eaters away from their usual prey.

The entire Walker family visits the lovely island from time to time. The children simply love the place, but what they enjoy most is riding on tigers and lions. The Ghost who walks himself finds the child within him on Eden, and enjoys joy-rides on the great cats and skiing behind pet dolphins. It is the perfect place for a family outing.


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