Golden Beach

The Golden Beach Of Keela-Wee is no ordinary beach. Situated between the mountains and the sea, the sands are almost pure gold -- a natural phenomenon. Whatever touches the sands gleams. Upon it also stands the House of Jade.

At the summer solstice, couples from the Wambesi and Llongo tribes come here for the mass wedding rites led by their high priests. After the ceremony, the happy couples dash into the sea. Laughing and shouting, they then cover themselves with the sand, after which the gleaming golden couples enter two by two into the ancient House of Jade. And now the rites finish and they are wed.

The golden sands of Keela-Wee had belonged to Emperor Joonkar's house for centuries. Till then none but his family had ever seen it as it was a closely guarded secret. Emperor Joonkar had built the House of Jade for his bride to be, Sheebah of Tigra. He planned to spend his wedding night there. Later on, Joonkar presented the beach to the 17th century Phantom who had helped the emperor. In fact, it was the Phantom's wedding present. He gave to the Phantom and his heirs forever the Jade House and the golden sands of Keela-Wee. From that time on, every Phantom brought his bride to Keela-Wee after the wedding ceremony and had his honeymoon there.


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