Mawitaan, also known as Morristown, is the capital of Bangalla. It has all the characteristics of a well-developed and advanced city -- the hustle and bustle of life, tall skyscrapers, big markets, pollution, traffic jams as well as its own share of crimes. It is also the home of the President who happens to be a friend of the Phantom.

The Phantom visits Mawitaan regularly as he often has to board airplanes from the city's international airport. Mawitaan is basically a peaceful city with only a few cases of serious crimes being reported once in a while, which can usually be handled by the local law enforcement department.

The time when the Phantom has to interfere is when a notorious gang comes to town which is too rough for the police to handle. This is when the Phantom gets rough too and has to return peace to the city himself. An example would be when Bullets and his gang wrecked havoc on the city until the Ghost who walks took care of them.


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