The Phantom Trail hopes to serve Phantom fans ("Phans") across the world!

Besides migrating the information available at this website's previous avatar, The 21st Phantom's Deep Woods, I will keep adding new functionality. So please visit often.

Current Features
  • Comic Strips

    For regular visitors, Phantom Dailies, Phantom Sundays, and Mandrake Dailies are available with a limited archive, brought to you by Comics Kingdom. This is Preview mode.

    If you sign in and have a valid Comics Kingdom Royal subscription, you may use this website as an alternate view to the comic strips accessible as part of your subscription. These are larger-format comic strips from a much larger archive, displayed in easy-to-read comic-book-style pages (see screenshot).

    In the comic strips pages, you'll notice a For those who came in late... box. Clicking on this box will list more stories for the character and comic strip type you're looking at. The details of these stories are courtesy of friends at PhantomWiki and MandrakeWiki.

  • Phan Zone

    This is the interactive section of the website. Phans can add New Jungle Sayings, and play some Phantom Games. The section also hosts Phan Speak as described below.

  • Phan Speak

    A feature available within Phan Zone: it is an aggregated quick view of Phantom-related conversations from multiple online sources, such as the Phantom Phans Reddit and Chronicle Chamber. The idea is to promote the various Phantom sites that have good content, while making it easier for Phans to get a quick glimpse across them.

  • Phantom Information

    Different sections are clubbed under this heading as they have mostly time-insensitive information about various Phantom-related topics. These include Indian Comics, Phantom Universe, and Links.

Future Features

Listed below are features that I hope to someday implement. Some of them are thought out, and some are just a vague idea right now. If you'd like to suggest a feature, write to me at  

  • Marketplace

    A place to see listings of Phantom products, comic books, collector items, and so on.

  • Phantom Games

    Not exactly sure but many more games for Phans to while away their time with.

  • Phan Chat

    A chat system for Phans to talk to each other while online together.


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