One common characteristic of Phantom tales is folklore in the form of Old Jungle Sayings. This is the page to take the legend forward with New Jungle Sayings!

You can contribute any number of sayings as long as they are original, and not one of the Old Jungle Sayings. Please note that your entry will appear after some delay (spam filtering).

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Phantom can catch bullets with his bare hands.
~ Abhishek Deshpande from India
If you are thinking of doing crime in Phantom land, you have got another thought coming.
~ Abhishek Deshpande from India
The Phantom is like water - soft as to take the shape of the vessel holding it, yet strong enough to penetrate even a rock.
~ Ravi Varma Narayanappa Krishnappa from India
The Phantom can be as gentle as a domestic cat and as fierce as a wounded lion.
~ Aman King from India
Phantom is the lion of Bangalla.
~ Liju Moolayil from India
The Ghost Who Walks will never rest until justice is done.
~ Liju Moolayil from India
When you are fighting the Phantom, you have the chance of winning like snow has on a frying pan.
~ Liju Moolayil from India
Beer is like blood to the Phantom.
~ Tom Barry from Australia
The Phantom is like a storm; he arrives suddenly, ravages his foes, and leaves without a trace.
~ Abhirup Mascharak from India
There is a legend of the Phantom: it says that the 24th Phantom will come in 2040.
~ Abhijit P. Puranik from India
Never mess with those who bear the Good Mark.
~ Aman King from India
Good men fall to destiny, bad men fall to the Phantom.
~ Ivan Corney from Australia
Phantom packs heat -- blasts you full of holes!
~ Bryan White from Texas,USA
The jungle drums speak legends of the ghost that walks...
~ Malee from Mel
Phantom does not follow justice, Phantom is justice!
~ Carl from Morristown
Phantom is phantom.
With a single bullet the Phantom can knock the sunlight off the dust on a wildebeest's ear at full gallop.
~ Little Lulu from New York
The phantom is rough to ruffians.
~ Ganesh from PARBHANI
The Phantom is justice in the jungle.
~ Ganesh from Timbuktu
Phantom is the opposite word of injustice.
~ Ganesh from Parbhani
When the phantom moves, he shakes the lightning.
~ Jamie
No jungle saying is a myth...
~ The phantom from Deep woods
The Phantom hears all, sees all, and fears nothing!
~ Jim Martin from Armuchee, Georgia
He who smells the Phantom's armpits must surely die.
~ Emil from Adelaide
When the Phantom hits you, you stay hit.
~ Andrew from sydney
Phantom is like an agile jungle cat with strength of elephants.
~ Mandrake from Xanadu
Thank heavens for the motorbike!
~ Robert Taylor from Brisbane Australia
The Phantom's aim disables, never kills.
~ Tom from Crystal Coast North Carolina USA
Phantom is the bow behind the arrow.
~ Danny Clark from Paris, TN USA
No one out-phishes the Phantom.
~ Polarpete from Australia
The Phantom is the Jungle Wind.
~ Danny Clark from Paris, TN
Phantom likes milk.
~ Milkboy
The Phantom will one day deal justice to traitors!
~ Jack from Boston
No smoking in the Skull Cave.
~ Andrew from Australia
Kit Walker may die but Phantom never does.
~ Mr. Walker from Bangala
Even the power of the Phantom cannot improve disastrous illustrations.
~ Manuel from Phoenix, AZ
When Phantom speaks, the jungle listens.
~ K Deka from Assam
The bigger you are, the harder you fall.
~ Sanjay Raizada from India
The Phantom's rage is a sight to behold.
When the Phantom is angry, the wind weeps.
~ lance from kansas
Phantom fogs the minds of evil.
~ Rider on the Storm from United States
The Phantom flows through the jungle as freely as water through a river.
~ Blake Rogers
When trouble and injustice knocks, Phantom always answers.
~ Bill
Phantom understands the rustling language of leaves.
~ Axe-Grinder

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